Welcome to HumanBusiness


Conscious Business

  • Why does you organization exist?
  • What problems is your company solving?
  • How is your firm treating its employees?
  • How is your organization respecting the environment?


These are questions that HumanBusiness asks businesses in order to create awareness for sustainable and profitable growth.

We believe that a business needs to be profitable in order to survive. At the same time has this capitalistic viewpoint become the only measurement of success and has created diverse problems.


  • Is your business facing negative Public Relations?
  • Are your employees unmotivated and uncreative?
  • Is your organization unprofitable?


HumanBusiness believes that the alternative is a more conscious, a more ethical way of doing business, where profitability is just one aspect.

By creating human-centric environments, which put the human into the center of all activities, businesses can prevent many problems before they even occur. In this way, organizations, their employees and their environment, can thrive sustainably.


Organizational Leadership is not possible without personal development

The basis for such a conscious business development are informed individuals, who are aware of their actions and the effect they have on other people;

Humans who take responsibility for their own life;

People who are willing to raise their voice against inequality and mistreatment;

world citizens who are not afraid of thinking and acting against the mainstream.


HumanBusiness believes that every human is unique and possess an individual set of skills and knowledge.

Why are we so afraid of bringing this value to the table?

It is time to make use of the unlimited capabilities we have to offer; it is time to make use of our full human potential.


Welcome to HumanBusiness

My name is Jens Rinnelt and I am the Businesshumanizer.

In the past I learned what is not working in our business world and what was personally limiting me.

Now I am sharing my experience to encourage others to create a better world for everyone.

Are you with me on making business human?