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HumanBusiness inspires organizations and humans to evolve, through bringing consciousness and compassion into the way we work, to liberate human potential and organizational resilience.

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Why do we need an evolution at work?

The tayloristic and industrial way of working is not suitable for the complex challenges we face in a VUCA world. The mechanistic way of organizing work with top-down management in a hierarchical structure, with centralized control and power and extrinsic incentives is outdated. The system reached its limits and the price is paid by organizations, individuals and the planet.

85 % of the workforce in Europe is not fully engaged with what they are doing on a daily basis. 1 out of 3 people have experienced at least one mental health issue in the last year, amounting to around 600 € billion of lost productivity alone in the EU. The way we work makes us literally sick.

“There is evidence to indicate that the poor organisation and management of work plays a significant role in the development of mental health problems.”

My own story is a personal experience of how depressive and disengaging the way we work can be:

The interview was recorded from the #humanatwork campaign initiated by the Reinvention Documentary.

How could an alternative way of working look like?

By human nature we are social and conscious beings. HumanBusiness builds on these two principles to expand our consciousness and compassion, in individuals and organizations regarding the way we organize work.

As individuals we need a psychological safe environment, which inspires us to bring our whole self to work, a feeling of belonging to our community and a sense of meaning in what we do that gives us direction. At the same time we need transparency to make sense of our world and have the autonomy to change what is needed, to create a perception of progress. There is scientific evidence that when we feel content and enjoy what we do, we are more productive, more creative, more innovative.

An engaging, socially sustainable and human-centric work environment can provide employee well-being AND sustainable organizational expansion, as well as thrive for planetary regeneration.

How do we create human-centric environments?

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