When we search for inspiration we sometimes do not have to look that far. People around us go through life-changes every day as well, some are small and some are a little bit bigger. All seem to be scary in the beginning, but once we have decided to pursue a certain path it feels like the logical thing to do. This is because for the person involved it makes perfectly sense. Based on the experiences made an idea can evolve. Pursuing it is then just the normal thing to do, even if the idea is not that ‘normal’.


Being afraid

When my friend Akim told me that he had played for some time with the idea of going on a world trip for one year, I could feel that he was intimidated by the idea. But I could also feel that he was determined to pursue it no matter what. Akim was afraid of the reaction of his friends, family and colleagues. What would they say if he would sell all his stuff, including his loved movie collection? What would his boss say that he wants to leave a job he actually liked? Would his friends understand that he felt like there was something missing in his life?


Leaving everything behind

The wish to experience something new, the excitement to meet new people and the possibility to enjoy the freedom was in the end bigger than the fear of failure or the fear of regret. After one year of planning a possible route and figuring out all the necessary requirements, like visa, vaccinations and finances, he made up his mind.

His enthusiasm was still there and he realized that all the steps he had already taken left him no other choice now. Akim sold all his belongings and cancelled his apartment. But there was still the unsolved situation with his work. He imagined all the worst scenarios, which in his case meant that he would simply quit. But after an open talk to his boss, he was offered to rest his contract and is welcome to continue working after his world trip. He learned that  it is always better to ask before assuming anything.


Enjoying the journey

Right now he is enjoying the freedom of not having any obligations and is living his dream. All the doubts are gone and all the hard work paid off. With only one bag pack, which barely fits ten kilogram of luggage, which equals two pair of socks, five Shirts, two pants and five boxer shorts, he is travelling the world.

In order to let his friends and family participate in his journey and what he does every day he created a vlog. Akim posts a 30 second video of his daily highlights, thus the name Akim’s 30 seconds. If you want to follow Akim’s journey around the world, see where he is right now, need inspiration for your next trip or want to know what planning is required for a world trip get over to Akims30seconds.com.


Making an impact

Although Akim is trying his best to make some lasting memories, he is also using the trip and his time to reflect about his goals in life. His main motivation to go on a world trip was that he was missing something in his life. That is why, after he was gone for only three weeks, he already started the Wave project.


The Wave

“Imagine one drop of water can create a Wave, what can many drops do?”

Akim created the Wave after he saw a lot of poor people during his travel. He realized that it is not only money what these people or regions need, but instead it is knowledge. Especially technical or engineering knowledge is required in the less developed countries he is visiting; Knowledge that we, in the western world, possess. Akim’s idea is to build a bridge between these two worlds by transferring the required knowledge and skills. During his travelling he connects with local communities and identifies their needs. Through his vlog he advertises opportunities for people who possess the right knowledge and want to help. For example in Pakistan a possible project is to construct the water supply for the local community.

In addition Akim also collects money from the local community to spend it to one person before he leaves for the next country. In that way he tries to make an impact in the life of one person by providing him/her an opportunity for a better future. See for yourself how the Wave already made an impact in Pakistan:


Supporting the Wave

If you are interested in one of the (upcoming) projects or know someone who would be willing to share their knowledge with the local communities to improve their everyday lives, you can find the contact details on Akims30seconds.

You can also email Akim directly or contact HumanBusiness. We are happy to make a connection.


Who is your inspiration?


HumanBusiness is supporting the Wave project, since the idea to empower local communities reflects what we believe and do. Encouraging humans to use their full potential, doing what you are good at, while respecting other people and human values. Giving back and seeing the effect of our actions is the main motivator for what we do. Besides that, we of course support our friends. Live your dream, Akim!



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