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AUGENHÖHE is a german documentary about alternative ways of working. The english translation is ‘on equal footing’. It portrays six organizations from various industries and sectors ranging from SMEs (Small and Medium sized Enterprises) that are family owned to large multinational corporations. All these companies work differently, giving us a peek of what the future of work might look like. It invites us to reflect on our current way of working and ask ourselves why we work, how we organize work and what are alternatives to it. AUGENHÖHE opens up spaces for social innovation at the workplace, that have the potential to transform current processes and structures and create new leadership and management philosophies.


On equal footing

The red threat of the movie is to show that a more human-centric way of working, where people meet on equal footing, is already happening. A way of working where people can be themselves, bring their whole self to work, do what they are passionate about and find meaningful. In that way they create value for the whole organization, ensuring its financial stability. AUGENHÖHE shows a synergetic way of working, where human well-being AND profitability are equally important and are the guiding principles of the portrayed organizations.


Important questions to ask

Without giving away too many insights, the key questions that appear basically in every of the six portrayed organizations are:

  • Why do we work?
  • What motivates us to go to work every morning?
  • Can organizations create a space that allows for flexibility and individuality, enabling personal strengths and potential to unfold?
  • How can we face increased complexity collectively?
  • How can we move from command and control to trust and sensing, from competition to collaboration, and form limitless growth to mindful expansion?
  • How do we want to treat other people?
  • Can work be meaningful and joyful?


The portrayed organizations range from a fire engineering and prevention company, to a production plant of Unilever and Adidas learning campus. The Premium Cola collective with Uwe Lübbermann, which are portrayed on the HumanBusiness blog, are also part of AUGENHÖHE with their consensus democracy decision-making approach.



AUGENHÖHE needs to be experienced, because it portrays people that have found their answers to the above raised questions. They are testing alternatives, but stay humble during the process while at the same time enjoying their new feeling of freedom at work.


Watch the original German version with English subtitle:

The film is available for free for all non-commercial purposes. If you would like to use the film for commercial purposes (e.g. in companies or for workshops, training etc), you can purchase a licence for a one-off fee at AUGENHÖ


Behind the scenes

Augenhöhe film collective film plan

Philipp Hansen at the collaborative filming schedule at allsafe JUNGFALK

Portraying and strengthening vitality in organizations is the driving purpose and motivation behind the range of AUGENHÖHE activities. AUGENHÖHE is produced by Philipp Hansen, Ulf Brandes, Daniel Trebien, Silke Luinstra and Sven Franke. Through a successful crowdfunding campaign with the support of more than 350 private sponsors and about 20 business enterprises they have shown that an intention can manifest, when the time is right for it. For me it was one of the first movies related to the future of work that I encountered in 2015 and that challenged my way of thinking about how we organize work. It definitely had a huge impact on the development of HumanBusiness.


AUGENHÖHE in Malmö and Sweden

Therefore, I am grateful to have the opportunity to bring Daniel Trebien, one of the producers of AUGENHÖHE, to Malmö on the 8th of November 2018 for an exclusive screening and an in-depth workshop exploring various decision-making concepts the day after.


As the team of AUGENHÖHE recommends to watch the film together with others instead of watching it alone in front of your computer, AUGENHÖHE and HumanBusiness gladly offer screenings of AUGENHÖHE at your organization and have a facilitated dialogue about it to dive deeper into how your members of your organization relate to it. On the AUGENHÖHE website you can find more information and material regarding AUGENHÖHE film & dialogue events near you. Contact me and I am happy to make a connection.


Other projects of AUGENHÖHE

AUGENHÖHEwege, paths of AUGENHÖHE, are two more films related to alternative ways of working portraying another ten organizations. In addition, a mediathek is created where the large amount of recorded material is made available in in-depth modules.


The latest project of AUGENHÖHE is a film about alternative organization and self-management in the education area, especially schools. The film highlights the importance of adopting a new mindset and learning more complex and adaptive problem-solving skills already in an early age to be prepared for the complex challenges of the future.


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