Let’s face it: we live at a time when government is less and less powerful, less and less effective, and the agent of social change, at least for the immediate future, is the corporation. – Tibor Kalman

You reached the Business side of HumanBusiness. Find thoughts on how to become a human-centric organization here. We also share examples and advantages of businesses who put the human in the center of all their activities. Enjoy and get inspired!

A good way to get introduced to the human-centric organization is covered in how to treat misbehavior, which explains the basic ideas and advantages.

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Drive cover, Motivation
 [amazon asin=1594484805&template=image&chan=humanbusiness]   Dan Pink shines scientific proven light on what drives us – intrinsic motivation or extrinsic incentives?   Mismatch between what science knows and what business does Imagine I have a great business idea and would suggest you the following business model. I would work with a group […]

Drive – The surprising truth about what motivates us

Purpose economy cover
[amazon asin=194342599X&template=image&chan=humanbusiness]   Expanded and updated – How your desire for impact, personal growth, and community is changing the world. In the Purpose Economy Aaron Hust explains why we try to find meaning and purpose within ourselves to be able to deal with the increasing amount of information and economic instability. […]

The Purpose Economy

[amazon asin=1591846447&template=image&chan=humanbusiness]   Start with why ‘Start with why’ raises the question how can organizations repeatedly attract customers and employees? What is the reason behind companies that over and over disrupt industries by coming up with innovative products? Why do some teams outperform others despite the fact that they have […]

Start with why – how great leaders inspire everyone to ...

Could misbehavior be prevented through human-centric organizations? 1
The financial crisis of 2008 The worst financial crisis in global history according to Ben Bernanke, former head of the Federal Reserve, had a worldwide impact and led to dropped housing prices and increased unemployment rates. “The years before the crisis saw a flood of irresponsible mortgage lending in America” […]

How to treat misbehavior – a framework for employee alignment