Let’s face it: we live at a time when government is less and less powerful, less and less effective, and the agent of social change, at least for the immediate future, is the corporation. – Tibor Kalman

You reached the Business side of HumanBusiness. Find thoughts on how to become a human-centric organization here. We also share examples and advantages of businesses who put the human in the center of all their activities. Enjoy and get inspired!

A good way to get introduced to the human-centric organization is covered in how to treat misbehavior, which explains the basic ideas and advantages.

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Drive cover, Motivation
 [amazon asin=1594484805&template=image&chan=humanbusiness]   Dan Pink shines scientific proven light on what drives us – intrinsic motivation or extrinsic incentives?   Mismatch between what science knows and what business does Imagine I have a great business idea and would suggest you the following business model. I would work with a group […]

Drive – The surprising truth about what motivates us