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“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” ― Neale Donald Walsch


Have you ever wondered what your level of comfort is? Where this so-called comfort zone ends? Well, I am going to show you a tool, with which you can now scientifically measure how big your comfort zone is. Hopefully it is not that big at all. Plus, it shows you ways to get out of your zone of comfort.


Overcoming fear

The stories we tell ourselves can lead to limiting our actions. These beliefs are working like mental barriers, even though they do not have to be true. Just that we believe them, allows them to limit our behavior. We can however change the stories we are telling ourselves. Another way of challenging our own beliefs is simply by proving that they are wrong. This can be achieved best by simply doing the things we tell ourselves are impossible.


Measuring our own comfort zone

The comfort zone calculator measures our activities in three different areas. The first is adrenaline activities, like bungee jumping or paragliding. The second area is about our professional life. It asks for example if we have started our own company or have attended a network meeting alone. The third and last area is covering questions about our lifestyle. Are we comfortable talking to the opposite sex or have been living in a different country for example. The comfort zone calculator, however, not only measures if we have done an activity or not, but also how mentally ready we are to perform it.

In the end an overall score is presented, as well as scores for the individual areas. This will give us an idea which area we should focus on to grow our comfort zone. The best thing is that is does not end there. For all test results suggestions are made of how the individual areas could be grown immediately. This could for example mean that you can immediately book a bungee jump if you have never done one. On top of that a book recommendation is made aiming at providing you some inspiration. The suggestions are slightly above your current comfort zone level so that they challenge you, but not too far that just the thought of it will freak you out. If you are interested, you can also compare your score to the other test takers.


About the person behind the idea

Marcus Taylor is a British internet entrepreneur. He created the comfort zone calculator to help people learn about their comfort zones and help them understand how they could grow it in different ways. In 2012, Marcus won The Awesome Foundation’s award and grant for developing the World’s first scientifically-valid tool measuring artificial mental barriers (comfort zones). He provides the tool for free and only requests that we take action on doing something outside of our comfort zone. Marcus has giving an TEDx talk about his motivation and the need to get outside of our comfort zone:

Currently he is giving keynote speeches on digital marketing and online entrepreneurship, as well as leading his digital agency Venture Harbour, or one of his other thirteen online businesses he has started so far.


Measure your comfort zone now and act on growing it!

How big is your comfort zone?

My score was around 90, but with lots of improvement in the adrenaline area. So I am going to face my fears and do skydiving next.


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