Emprogage Reference Case

Holistic assessment of way of working for organizational evolution

  • Creating understanding and current language of current way of working
  • Clarifying Purpose, Strategy and Business Model of Emprogagefor stakeholders
  • Creating authentic expression of current way of working in video format

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Client description

The self-organizing consulting company Emprogage works for what is best for the world. Its organizing principles are empathy over sympathy, pro-activity before reactivity and participation over attendance. Emprogage is co-owned by 15 humans and their respective businesses. That means Emprogage is at the same time a personal company as well as a collective one. The aspect of non-duality is found in many aspects of Emprogage’s way of working, for example in the collective leadership responsibility and decentralized decision-making. Emprogages mirrors a web of life with its adaptive and fluid cell structure that provides its members (co-creators) as well as ‘external’ stakeholder the opportunity to engage in projects they perceive as meaningful. It is an life-affirming context that nurtures innovative solutions for facilitating the paradigm shift in the direction that is best for the world.


Situation / Intention

The newly founded consultancy needed a collective understanding of their way of working and make it transparent to its individual members to enable thriving collaboration. This was considered the basis for co-creating Emprogage further.

Individual members of the organization were confused about Emprogage’s self-organizing way of working. Thus, they lacked clarity about their own role within Emprogage, as well as orientation on how to contribute with their strengths, experiences and services to Emprogage. In addition, some members were also in the process of defining and starting their own businesses.


Activities performed

Start-up meeting
During one of the first quarterly cell area days and through personal dialogues the lack of clarity about the way of working became transparent. The proposal was made to use the Listening to the pulse of an organization method to create a common understanding to enable a nurturing environment for humans, ideas and business.

Background analysis
Through an online survey the current engagement level of organization’s members and their key challenges were identified.


In recorded interviews current practices were described more in detail. During the interviews a deeper dive into personal and organizational tensions were done. The personal perspectives of the co-creators were given a safe space to allow authentic expression of their unique perspectives.

On a personal level,  we worked with and healed personal tensions, through re-framing and providing alternative perspectives to existing beliefs. For example, many co-creators had been running their own company for a while and needed to adjust to a collective, team-based way of working, which requires increased communication.

On the organizational level co-creator’s understanding regarding the business model, leadership style, culture and structure were inquired into. When there was a personal tension regarding a specific leadership style for example, team members were invited to reflect about their preferred display of leadership behavior.

Facilitated team workshop
The recorded interviews of each co-creator were grouped and mirrored to the group during another all-hands on deck cell day. In that way the social system became aware of itself.  Through facilitating meaningful conversations about the way of working a participatory approach for co-creating next steps for the identified tensions were taken. The way of facilitating was adopted to the Teal way of working of Emprogage.

Mapping the results
The current way of working in regard to Leadership, Culture and Structure was mapped on the Reinventing Organizations Map which provided a holistic perspective on the organization.



Common understanding
The intervention created collective understanding of the direction, strategy and purpose of Emprogage for all co-creators. Further it provided a common language of current practices and an understanding of how different ways of working fit into an organizational evolution picture.

Clarity and orientation

That clarity enabled co-creators to find their place within Emprogage, gave them orientation on how to contribute with their whole self, as well as what next steps for Emprogage and their own business could look like.

Way of working

The current way of working was identified. In addition, the congruence of individual aspects of the organization was identified from a holistic perspective. The displayed leadership behavior of individual co-creators was seen as incongruous with the self-organizational structure of Emprogage, for example.

Identified momentum

Making the collective emotional momentum of co-creators conscious allowed for transforming personal tensions into growth opportunities. This took the form of empowering previously more reactive co-creators to speak up and thereby modeling a leadership behavior that allowed for holding space to address tensions and deeply listen to what emerges.

increased collaboration

The process of working with the organizational tensions enabled increased collaboration between the individual members. The number of cells and the members participating in it has risen after the intervention. In addition, members that previously have not been much engaged are now participating in contributing to the development of Emprogage.

Authentic communication
A video that authentically expresses the collective intention and current way of working of Emprogage was created and is used for communication with existing and potential co-creators on its website.


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