EOS Cares Reference Case

Holistic assessment of way of working for organizational evolution

  • Translating personal and organizational tensions into growth opportunities
  • Creating awareness and understanding of current way of working
  • Clarifying Purpose, Strategy and Business Model of EosCares for stakeholders
  • Creating authentic expression of current way of working in video format

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Client description

EosCares works for what is best for the world with their model of Integration through Sports.

EosCares is the social program of the basketball club Eos Lund. Their model of integration and community through sport is unique in Sweden. They provide a platform for newly arrived persons in Lund to connect with other people through offering social meeting places like language cafes, cook-along sessions and seminars about the Swedish work culture. They also employ former refugees. The initiative is based on personal motivation and drive of the employees and volunteers, and enabled through an inclusive leadership style that supports self-organization


Situation / Intention

EOSCares had two major challenges – to apply a new organizational set-up and way of working, and to develop and share the Integration through sports model.

The organization was in a transition phase – from a volunteer-driven organization to two new employed team members. This required communication of the purpose, strategy and way of working to the new team members, as well as to the larger community to make the offered activities more transparent and increase the number of participants.

It was also the intention to sharpen the Integration through Sports model and to spread its advantages and applications to other sport clubs and organizations. Thereby showcasing EosCares as an inspiring example for social inclusion.


Activities performed

Start-up meeting

In a first personal meeting we got to know each other and co-created the idea and collective intention to describe the current way of working and the Inclusion through Sports model to current and potential stakeholders.

Background analysis

Through online surveys the current engagement level of organization’s members and their key challenges were identified.


In recorded interviews current practices got known more in detail. During the interviews a deeper dive into personal and organizational tensions were done. The personal perspectives of the team members were given a safe space to allow authentic expression of their unique perspectives.

On a personal level, team members were invited to reflect upon whose responsibility it is to initiate and drive change for what is personally challenging them, the organization or themselves.

On the organizational level team, member’s perspectives regarding the business model, leadership style, culture and structure were identified. Thus taking a holistic perspective on organizational development. When there was a personal tension regarding a specific process for example, team members were invited to think about their ideal solution. Many team members from non-Swedish cultures were delighted by the Scandinavian leadership style and felt that their ideas were heard and they were seen as humans. The existing environment provides an encouraging culture which results in engagement and participation.

Facilitated team workshop

The recorded interviews of each team member were grouped in topics and presented during a team workshop. The inputs inspired a dialogue about the current way of working and the desired way of working.

The discussion was supported by advice from the facilitator from Emprogage, who presented theories and methodologies suited for the situation and which were in line with the values of the desired state of working.

Mapping the results

The current way of working in regard to Leadership, Culture and Structure was mapped by the facilitator from Emprogage on the Reinventing Organizations Map which provided a holistic perspective on the organization.



Way of working

With the help of the Listening to the pulse of an organization service, the current way of working was identified.

Common understanding

The intervention created collective understanding of the direction, strategy and purpose of EosCares for the whole team. Further it provided a common language of current practices and an understanding of how different ways of working fit into an organizational evolution picture.

Concept defined

The business model and Integration through Sports model was defined and is communicated more clearly to all stakeholders on the website.

New perspectives

Team members gained new perspectives which resulted in reflecting about their behaviours and they opened up for alternative actions.

New way of communicating with stakeholders

A video that authentically expresses the current way of working was created and is used for communication with stakeholders.

Customer voices


“This was very helpful – Jens provided us with a theoretical model and gave us a collective language for our way of working.”

– Axel Wallin – Project Director Eos Cares


*Listening to the pulse of EOS Cares was done on a pro bono basis to support the expansion of the social program of EosCares.


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