How the Generation Y is changing the way we work

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Date(s) - 28/02/2017
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Update: How the Generation Y is changing the way we work article published


Me presenting at STPLN for the first time

Me presenting at STPLN for the first time

Every journey has its beginning

On February 28th 2017 I had the pleasure to hold the first presentation for HumanBusiness.

The topic was ‘How the Generation Y is changing the way we work’. I shared some of the experiences that I made in the business world and how those have led to founding my own company. Then I also gave a short outlook on how the future workplace could look like. In the video below you can see a short part of the presentation about the future outlook.


Theme of the night

The Generation Y is often described as unwilling to work hard and to question everything before even starting any kind of work. Is this really true? Hear first-hand insights from a member of the Generation Y about his work experiences. Understand how this generation perceives work and why they question everything. Learn how their perspectives change the future of our workplace.

Jens’ beliefs about the business world were fundamentally challenged when he made his first work experiences. He learned how impersonal, inefficient and profit-oriented the way we work is. Wondering if that should be the status quo, he started looking for alternative ways of doing business. As a result he founded HumanBusiness with the idea to put the human into the center of all business activities. Jens now helps individuals and organizations to realize their full potential.


Organizer and location

The event was organized by the International Youth to Youth (Y2Y) Initiative. Their aim is to empower youth to start their initiatives, start-ups or organizations. They believe in the change created by youth for youth.

STPLN was the venue for this night. They describe themselves as a makers place. They offer for example a free co-working space, a bicycle repair kitchen or a fabric where you could produce your prototype using their 3D-printer.


Small insight

In the following video you get a small insight about the future of our workplace will look like.


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