The importance of Human Business

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Why is the idea of HumanBusiness important?


Why are we not happy in a world which offers us endless opportunities and solutions that are only one click away? Why do we listen to ‘experts’ whose messages sound so empty to us? Why do we buy the newest and most expensive products to find that they bring us only joy for a few moments? Why do we apply all these fancy techniques society suggests to find happiness, but only find more questions instead of satisfaction?




Society of individuals


Elimination method

Have you ever felt like you are excited about a new project, a new relationship or even a new job only to find yourself later in a position where all this excitement has been gone? You probably start thinking about what has happened and questioning the decision you made in the past. Finally you put all your courage together, because you cannot stand it anymore, and move away from this now toxic situation or environment. Only then you are facing yourself with the decision of where to go next? You know, based on your experiences, what you do not want again.


Society’s pressure

People around you start asking: what are your plans now? You encounter incomprehension and some people tell you frankly that you are running away from something, that you are naïve. You are weak and you should come to your senses. In the end you start wondering if they might be right and if you should not have been tougher and sacrificed more…you are wondering if you are chasing a dream. Eventually you give in and do what society tells you what is right. For example we start a new job because it is not okay to do nothing and plus it will look bad on our resume.


Do NOT listen to what OTHERS find right for YOU

How could anybody imply that your problems are not important? Are our own problems not the ones which trouble our minds the most? Are our problems as small and inconsiderable as they seem, not the ones which need to be solved most urgently?

People around us always tell us what is best for us and what worked for them, but how could anybody tell you what is right for you than yourself? I believe that deep down we know what is best for us. If you listen to yourself deeply you will know that it does not matter how long you have not worked, when you can show what value you can offer.


What value do you offer?

Only you yourself can answer what you have to offer. HumanBusines has created a roadmap to help you with identifying who you are. You can assess your current abilities, interests and experiences and develop a clear picture of how you imagine the perfect future. So instead of running away, you will be able to run towards something you find worthy running to.

Following our purpose will create a diversity of unique experts, thus a society of individuals.


Interdependent society


You are not alone

Have you ever been mistreated by others?  Being treated in a disrespectful way is never a comfortable situation. The question is why have you not been treated respectfully?  It might be that others have a clear vision of how they imagine their future and chances are high that it differs from your vision. This is perfectly fine based on the individuality of each person. Other people might be more eager to pursue their purpose by putting their interests about the ones of others. Unfortunately, they forget that we are living in an interdependent society where we can only thrive when we work together. Total independence seems desirable, but would only result in growing our own food, building our own homes ourselves and being left with no time to fulfill the dreams we have left. Basically it would put us back into medieval times.


Simple minds

Have you ever thought that an action from somebody was not appropriate? We are quick to judge other people’s behavior. This is a normal natural instinct, because we humans try to put everything into categories or boxes to be able to make quick decisions. For example if we encounter something new, we are always skeptical in the beginning. Think about the Stone Age. Would we have survived if we would have run towards this cute looking saber-toothed tiger immediately?


Start looking at yourself first

Are you always treating others correctly? Reflecting on how we treat others could indicate what we get in return. What goes around comes around. Before you judge others, think about how you treat others. Is that the way you want to be treated? You get what you give. That also means that you cannot take all the time. At some point you have to give something, otherwise your image will be that of a one-way-street.


Emotions vs values

So what do we base our behaviors on? Do we want to respond to a situation which seems inappropriate to us in an emotional way? Letting emotions take control of our actions will most likely lead to focusing on judging others for their in our eyes misbehavior. And since we do not like this, we will probably say not so nice things in response.

However, we could also look behind the mistreatment. If we let the emotions out of the interaction, we gain back control. We are able to state how the action of the other person has made us feel and what we would have found appropriate. Thereby, we are able to stand up for our values.


What are your values?

Again, only you can identify the values you find worth sticking to. We at HumanBusiness help you develop your own values, since we believe that they will give you orientation even in new and unfamiliar situations. When acting according to your values, you will be perceived as reliable and integer by others.


Human Principles

Have you ever wondered why we do not act in the interest of all? Why we are not acting more human towards other, well, humans? Even though HumanBusiness believes that following our purpose and doing whatever is necessary to reach our vision is essential, it is also important to remember living in an interdependent society. That means that universal values for all humans should be in place to give guidance for more sustainable and human-centered interactions.


Human business


Interdependent individuals?

Does the focus on our own goals not automatically lead to conflicts with others in an interdependent society? Well, look around you. While you are reading this, the baker is baking bread for you to eat; the mailman is delivering your mail and somebody has already produced the device you are reading this post on. Everybody has different motivations for whatever they are doing. But only because there are experts for certain fields and tasks, it allows you to focus on what you are good at.


Doing un-imaginable things on your own

Everyone is unique. Every single human has a unique set of talents, interests and experiences. Pursuing our purpose and following our vision leads to a diversity of experts for a variety of fields. These experts are creating value in so many different forms and ways by acting on what they are naturally good at. This leads to individuals doing things they could not have imagined at the beginning of their path.


What could be possible if we join forces?

So far we have only presented the idea of a society where an individual is becoming an expert for a specific task. This is possible in an interdependent society, where everyone focuses on one task.

But what could be possible when two individuals decide to work together, because their skills complement each other and they share the same vision? Imagine an environment which supports the flourishing of individual talents and encourages collaboration. Does that not sound like a description of an organization where different individuals are brought together and their skills are made use of to create something bigger than themselves?


Do you want to create such an environment?

HumanBusiness is helping organizations to build human-centric environments so that they can attract and maintain individual talents to thrive their business. Based on our experience and with new research insights we examine how individual talents could be applied in a business context. The focus of our work is to put the human first. That is what we call Human Business.


So, what about you? Would you want to work in such an environment?

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