My story

The BusinessHumanizer

A picture of myself

Hej! My name is Jens and I am a personal and organizational development consultant. I encourage humans to live up to their natural purpose through inspiration and providing a roadmap, so they can unfold their full human potential.

I also help humans in business to make use of these developments by creating human-centric work environments, so their businesses can thrive in a profitable and sustainable way while respecting the humans they engage with.




Who am I?


World citizen

I was born in Germany, which is where I went to school. Afterwards, international adventures were calling. My curiosity did not disappoint me because it lead to work and study experiences in the United States of America, the Netherlands and Sweden.

My parents enabled me to experience new interests like sports (swimming, judo, soccer, handball and finally basketball). This encouragement of following my talents and interests is the greatest gift they could give. While not forcing me into who-to-become or what-to-do exactly, they provided me with values of respect, correctness and humbleness by living up to them every day.

Being German provided me with a sense for structure and order. But it also created an aversion for hierarchy and bureaucracy since it is conducive to slowing down innovation and ignores recent developments. This experience was shaped in my military time. For forms to be accepted the process took ages and the amount of people approving was ridiculous. So after my time was done, I decided to see foreign places and experience other cultures.

Our own responsibility

The time spent in the USA not only brought me to beautiful California but also made a childhood dream come true. Somehow I was always fascinated with the belief that hard work and will-power can lead to a better future, which is also known as the American Dream. Being a dish washer and becoming a millionaire lies within our personal responsibilities. This motivation made me take action to move to San Diego. There I met inspired and independent people willing to follow their own dreams. The inspiration came from their Declaration of Independence providing humans freedom and the pursuit of Happiness.

During my studies I was introduced to the Swedish/Dutch leadership style which focuses on collaboration and transparency. The interaction was always friendly and respectfully, putting the human relationship into the center but still providing each individual enough room to personally grow. Values like autonomy and equality were lived by. This was for example seen in a bakery where every customer had to take a number at the entrance to make sure everybody was treated fairly equal. Grab some dinner with Swedes and wait for splitting the bill. You will see what I mean 😉

After my graduation I went back to Germany to gain my first work experience in the consulting industry.


Why am I doing this?


Experiencing disrespect and inefficiency

Back in Germany I found myself in a position where I was not being able to make myself useful. I could not use my capabilities and skills since no responsibilities were given and in a non-international environment or in unfamiliar branches, my knowledge and experiences were not appreciated.

The consulting companies I worked for did not provide work that I would define as consulting work. Instead it was a better version of leasing man-power to other companies. They were not hired because of their expertise.

All in all I did neither feel acknowledged, nor treated with respect. I was just a number in a system which did not pay any attention to my personal interests.

Waking up from sleepwalking through life

The experiences faced in the early stage of my professional life led to questioning if this is really the status quo I was expecting when I had finished my studies. I came to the conclusion that these experiences could not define the standard. I refused to accept that things were so different from what I have expected and learned. So I started looking for other ways of interacting and doing business. It turns out that I did not have to look far. Changing the perspective, however, was necessary to see that all what I believe is already inside of me.

Following our own strengths, interests and talents, also called purpose, and be valued for these unique talents is what I imagine and believe to be the way to reach pure happiness.

This is why I decided to create my own human-centric consultancy, which helps others to thrive. On a personal level that means making use of our full human potential. On a business level it means to put the human into the center of all activities, so that organizations can become more profitable as well as sustainable. Everything is building on the value of respecting the people around us and considering their human side and needs.

That is why I created



Every person is living up to their full human potential by doing what they are naturally good at and getting respected for their unique skills.

Humans meet on eye-level and without prejudice, so that they can interact in an interdependent society based on human values.

Organizations are respecting the people they employ and affect by putting the human into the center of all activities, so that they thrive in a sustainable and profitable way.