What would we social animals be without the support of other humans? All what we know is building on the knowledge that is currently present, we are literally standing on the shoulders of giants. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who contributes to the development of HumanBusiness. In the following are the partners listed that HumanBusiness collaborates and co-creates with.


The Wave Project

The Wave Project logo

Akim Akther hast started The Wave Project, a not-for profit organization registered in Germany, after his trip around the world, where Akim shared 30 seconds videos on every day of his travel. During his travel he meet people that are not as fortunate as many of us in the western part of the world. Already during his travel he collected money from locals as well as from people following his Vlog and before leaving a country he donated the collected amount to people who are in need. Now he is doing the same, collecting money to support local projects all around the world. The Wave Project makes sure that the money ends up in the hands of the people who need it the most. That is why Akim travels to the places the donations go to and works closely with organizations he has visited.

As a long close friend Akim has asked me to found his not-for profit organization together, which I gladly accepted. My role is of advisory nature, where the operational responsibility stays with Akim. HumanBusiness is donating one percent of its annual profit to The Wave project. If you want to support The Wave Project you can contact Akim or write me.


Martina Lengers – Illustration & Grafik

Martina Lengers has designed the wonderful HumanBusiness logo. With her creativity, empathic listening and patience she identifies the core of what her customers want to express, even if they do not know that themselves at this point in time. Martina is full of energy and loves what she is doing, which you can see and feel in her attention for detail and lovely illustrations. Martina has used her creativity to set up her own brand, Minas Meise, where creatures of all kind are awaken to life to bring humor and heart to our lives. Her work is often based on intuition and with her work she has found a channel to express her talents.

You can contact Martina via mail or visit Martina’s website to get an impression of her beautiful work.


Reinvention Movie

An exciting project that sets out to document and answer a question that is close to my heart and what HumanBusiness stands for – How can we be human at work? The Reinvention Movie co-creates a personal and organizational transformation journey through various projects, which eventually lead to a cinematic movie production to trigger the transformation for the way of working in the 21st century. One of the projects that was created on our joint Reinvention Europe trip is the #humanatwork campaign, where different people shared their deepest life change and learning. You can find the video where I share my story and motivation to create HumanBusiness in my story.

I am collaborating with the Reinvention movie on organizational questions and perspectives.



Emprogage logo

Emprogage is a consultancy network that works for what is Best FOR the Wold and facilitates the paradigm shift from being Best In the World towards Best FOR the World. The focus is organizational and societal advancement through intentionally choosing Empathy, Pro-activity and Engagement, which is also the foundation for its name. Emprogage offers a variety of service due to its diverse members, which work in areas of facilitation, self-leadership, mindfulness, trauma work, communication, organizational architecture and leadership development.

I am one of the co-founders and co-creators of Emprogage AB.