Leadership and personal development

Do you like the ideas which have been presented in the HumanBusiness blog? Do you want to learn more about personal development or organizational leadership?

HumanBusiness does keynote speeches to raise awareness for the importance of growing as a person as well as becoming a human-centric organization.

Do you have a specific topic you are interested in? I am also happy to give individualized presentations focusing on your needs.

Message me what you are interested in and we can take it from there.


Brand identity workshops

Everything starts with self-reflection and an evaluation where you and your organizations stands right now.

HumanBusiness offers services that discover the true identity of your brand.

These workshops are centered around:

  • Purpose identification
  • Vision development
  • Value definition

Book a workshop with HumanBusiness or get more information.


Culture injection

In this services section we get our hands dirty. In the culture injection part we will work on implementing defined milestones to make your organization human-centric.

We will work together on creating a culture based on your brand identity that puts the human into the center of all your activities. So that you can attract and keep motivated people, which help your business to thrive.

Are you ready to make your business human-centric?

Get in contact with me and I will answer all your remaining questions.