HumanBusiness’ mission is inspire to evolve through bringing consciousness and compassion into the way we work. This is realized through my service portfolio.


Inspire – Spreading consciousness

What is the next evolutionary step for your organization?

On the the HumanBusiness blog you can find inspiration about organizational evolution and the required personal transformation needed for it. You can read about my story, turning a depressive work environment experience into my personal awakening and starting my own purpose-driven initiatives.

Do you want to be inspired during your next event on how the journey towards a human-centric organization of work could look like?

Do you want to hear authentic and personal stories from an former depressive employee to inspire your co-workers to take initiative?

Do you want to be excited about what the next step for organizational evolution could mean for you, through tailor-made speeches to your needs and challenges?


Get inspired during your next event


The range of topics covered are:

  • Human-centric organization of work / Social sustainability / Teal paradigm / Living organization
  • Organizational evolution and next stage architecture
  • The limitations of the industrial approach to work and the underlying machine metaphor
  • Personal development



Evolve – Journey towards human-centric work ecosystems

listening to personal tensions

Personal tensions explored

Where does your organization stand on the journey to human-centric, social sustainable, self-organizing, Teal organization of work?

HumanBusiness creates self-awareness about the way of working through the listening into an organization service. Gaining these insight from within your own organization enables you to understand the current development level of your organization and identifying what the next step is for your organization to evolve.

1 out of 10 employees is not fully engaged. Are your the organization that is the exception and creates an engaging work ecosystem? Read more.


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