What HumanBusiness does

HumanBusiness’ mission is inspire to evolve through bringing consciousness and compassion into the way we work. This is realized through a threefold service portfolio.




1. Inspiration

Increase your awareness through writing and speaking engagements from HumanBusiness.

Learn about the way we work and what the results of this organization of work are. Get inspired about existing alternatives to the industrial way of working and the machine or rationality narrative. Take an outlook into the future of work. Get aware of the necessary prerequisites for new work and new ways of working that liberate human potential and organizational resilience.

HumanBusiness individualizes each speech or presentation to your current needs and the organizational context. We listen to your situation and provide meaningful input in an empathic way, even when it comes to sensible topics.


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2. Understanding

Become conscious of how your organization organizes work with the listening to the pulse of an organization service of HumanBusiness.

Listening service results workshop

Understand where your organization stands from an evolutionary perspective. Learn about your organizations maturity. Gain insights in how congruent your leadership style, organizational culture and structure are. Identify current challenges as well as next steps for effortless growth by engaging the current members of your organization and tapping into the collective wisdom present in your organization. Create self-awareness about how work is organized in your organization inside-out. Understand how to communicate authentically to attract the people and talent you need.

HumanBusiness creates trustful spaces for people to authentically express their deepest beliefs to manifest and integrate them in the way they organize work. We help people in organizations design harmonic congruence between their leadership style, their culture, the accepted norms and behaviors, and their organizational structure, the implemented processes. Together we lay the foundation for organization transformation.

1 out of 10 employees are not fully engaged. Is your organization the exception and creates an engaging, human-centric work environment? Read more.


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Purpose identification workshop

3. Evolution

Transform your self and your organization with HumanBusiness Facilitation and Workshops.

Work on the core assumptions and narratives present in your organization. Identify your organization’s purpose and set of values. Transform your leadership, culture and structure. Evolve your organization’s architecture. Design life-affirming habits and behaviors, cultures and structures.

HumanBusiness architectures together with all affected members of an organization an engaging, human-centric, socially sustainable work environment. We create spaces for liberating human and organizational potential in stand-alone workshops or as part of your organizational evolution journey.


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