Listening to the pulse of an organization

The Listening into an organization service from HumanBusiness

Only 1 out of 10 employees in Europe engage actively with what they are doing on a daily basis. Just half of people trust businesses. Restore the balance and trust through listen into your community and relate to real people, your people.


Listening service results workshop             Summary

Create employee engagement through developing the organization together.  

  • Do you want to have a common language in your team to talk about the state of your organization?
  • Do you want to understand where you are on your journey to Teal / Self-management?

Do you want to evolve your business with your current members, instead of an armada of external consultants?


Service Description

The listening to the pulse of an organization service is an holistic and participatory organizational assessment that turns collective human tensions into prioritized growth opportunities for businesses.


Client gains

  • Awareness and common language of current state of working regarding leadership, culture and structure
  • Understanding the capacities of your organization in an evolutionary context
  • Clarity about congruence of inner way of working
  • Co-created vision of desired state of working by your current members of your organization
  • Advisory on ways of being, tools and methods suitable for your context
  • Identification of stewards for your organizational transformation
  • Authentic expression of way of working in video format
  • Attracting the right talent for your organization

All the ingredients for an organizational evolution are already inside of your organization, we just need to stop, listen to what wants to emerge and have the courage to act upon it.

– Jens Rinnelt

The process

How works the listening method in detail?

1. Online SurveySurvey

Identifying the engagement level of your employees and the key challenges in your organization to understand the current context, performance and integrity.



Reinventing Organizations Map

Reinventing Organizations Map

2. Interviews

Individual recorded interviews in trustful settings with diverse members of the organization.

Organizational topics – Mapping the current way of working holistically to make conscious the current leadership style, culture and structures with the help of the Reinventing Organizations Map to understand organizational congruence and determine the development level of the organization.

Personal tensions – Providing employees a platform in trustful settings to authentically speak out about the challenges at their workplace and how the organization of work affects them personally. Understanding the emotional momentum and how aligned the current practices and culture of the organization represents the beliefs of the collective; enabling transparency and awareness.


3. Momentum identification

Transforming emotional tensions into concrete solutions regarding systemic, contextual, organizational barriers.

Matching the collective tensions with organizational topics. Listening to people speak out solutions they find meaningful to identify opportunities for effortless growth.


4. Stewards of evolution

All-hands on deck workshop with video presentations of identified growth opportunities.

Tapping into collective wisdom to crowdsource solutions through facilitated dialogues.


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Listening service presentation of videos

Presentation of the identified tensions in video format

Client requirements

  • Price
    • The listening tool for organizational transformation costs 18.000 € before tax, excluding accommodation and traveling costs.
      • 2 days of interviewing 3.200 €
      • Half day of facilitated workshop 2.500 €
      • Way of working video 7.500 €
      • Editing (including two rounds of feedback) 4.800 €
    • Time / Involvement of other stakeholders
      • Each interview lasts approx. 2 hours.
      • For a group of 150 people, 10 interviews are recommended.
      • We aim for a diverse group of people from different functions and hierarchy levels to get a holistic perspective.
    • Effort
      • Ideally the interviews take place during an offside, so that we create a natural distance to the daily workplace and a safe space for being yourself.
      • Here is a potential setup for creating the foundation for holistic organizational transformation within a week: Kick-off on Monday morning and starting with interviews during the first two days, two days for editing the videos, finishing with a all-hands on deck workshop on Friday.


  • Organizational development, Organizational transformation, Change initiatives
  • The service is best suited and designed for social groups that share a similar culture, for example businesses or business units with around 150 employees (-Dunban)
  • Relevant for following roles: CEO, Founder, Executive Manager, Project / Department lead, Change consultants


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Reference cases


What do participants say?

Here are reflections on the listening interview from Eva Malmström, Ulrica Fager and Roland Gudinge from Emprogage AB.

The listening to the pulse of an organization service from HumanBusiness is the first step on an organizational evolution journey. It lays the foundation and understanding for what are YOUR next steps on YOUR journey. HumanBusiness supports your further evolution journey with diverse opportunities depending on what your needs are. To learn more about possible scenarios and service offers along the organizational evolution journey, contact me.