Listening to the pulse of an organization

All the ingredients for an organizational evolution are already inside of your organization, we just need to stop, listen to what wants to emerge and have the courage to act upon it.

– Jens Rinnelt


The Listening into an organization service from HumanBusiness

Only 1 out of 10 employees in Europe engage actively with what they are doing on a daily basis. Just half of people trust businesses. Restore the balance and trust through listen into your community and relate to real people, your people.

Listening to the pulse of an organization

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Creating trustworthy, engaging work ecosystems with current employees

The listening service identifies

  • The main development stage of the organization,
  • the holistic congruence of leadership, culture and structure,
  • the topics for effortless growth, and
  • the people that can and want to drive transformation.


What value does your organization gain?

Build together the organization that you and your employees love, because it represents the collective beliefs, builds on participation from all in the architecture of the organization and invites everyone to take responsibility in designing it. The organization gains self-awareness and holistic understanding of its inner workings. With the listening into an organization method you get insights to architecture an engaging, human-centric and trustworthy work environment in your organization.  Design an organizational ecosystem that raises engagement, efficiency, innovation, product quality, and enables to deal with increased complexity as well as lowers employee turnover, reduces low morale, absenteeism and stress, all with the existing members of your organization. Create trustworthiness and attract stakeholders with authentic communication about how your organization works (see an example of Emprogage AB).

What value do you get as an individual?

Be able to bring your whole self to work. Be your authentic self and display real personal emotions, to allow other people in your community to relate to you on a deeper level. Express how you truly feel about the organization of work in your organization. Use these tensions to restore harmony within you and the community through building an work environment that suits all and provides equal opportunities for everyone. With your engagement, idealism and activism you can create a trustful and harmonic work environment, where you feel good and do good.


  • Recorded interviews with employees from diverse background within a cultural group of you organization (Dunbar’s number of max 150 people)
  • Each interview lasts about 2 hours and 10 interviews are optimal
  • Self-awareness about the way of organizing work through authentic perspectives of the members of your organization
  • Mapping the development stage of your organization, its collective level of consciousness, and the congruence of leadership, culture and structure aspects on the Reinventing Organizations Map
  • Expression of personal challenges due to the organization of work, as well as stating possible solutions
  • Using the tensions as momentum for effortless growth
  • Half day workshop with video presentation of summary of interviews
  • Facilitated, participatory dialogue with all members of the cultural group about areas identified and prioritizing them
  • Tapping into collective wisdom of community to crowdsource solutions for collective tensions
  • Distributing ownership of bringing the solutions suggested forward by the people who find meaning in it
  • Organizational evolution, transformation or change with current employees in a self-organizing way


What does it cost?

The listening tool for organizational transformation costs 8.000 € excl. VAT, excluding accommodation and traveling costs.

Ideally the interviews take place during an offside, so that we create a natural distance to the daily workplace. Within one week HumanBusiness provides your organization the foundation and understanding for holistic transformation: Interviews during the first 3 days, one and a half day for editing the videos, finishing with a half day workshop with all members of the cultural group of your organization.

Note: For smaller or larger organizations the method can be tailor-made with fewer, respectively more interviews. Get in contact to discuss details for your situation.


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Listening service results workshop

Facilitated workshop to work collectively on the topics that emerged during individual interviews


The process

How works the listening method in detail?

1. Online SurveySurvey

Identifying the engagement level of your employees and the key challenges in your organization to understand the current context, performance and integrity.



Reinventing Organizations Map

Reinventing Organizations Map

2. Interviews

Individual recorded interviews in trustful settings with diverse members of the organization.

Organizational topics – Mapping the current way of working holistically to make conscious the current leadership style, culture and structures with the help of the Reinventing Organizations Map to understand organizational congruence and determine the development level of the organization.

Personal tensions – Providing employees a platform in trustful settings to authentically speak out about the challenges at their workplace and how the organization of work affects them personally. Understanding the emotional momentum and how aligned the current practices and culture of the organization represents the beliefs of the collective; enabling transparency and awareness.


3. Momentum identification

Transforming emotional tensions into concrete solutions regarding systemic, contextual, organizational barriers.

Matching the collective tensions with organizational topics. Listening to people speak out solutions they find meaningful to identify opportunities for effortless growth.


4. Stewards of evolution

Creating networks of collaboration that work on organizational evolution.

Identification of people that are called to drive the transformation and manifest the suggested solutions that are collectively accepted and build upon through a company-wide results workshop. Engaging all members of the organization to take responsibility, ownership and accountability for the collective good by doing what is meaningful for them; shaping an organization they love to work at.


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Listening service presentation of videos

Presentation of the identified tensions in video format


For all change to begin we need to understand and accept where we currently stand

HOW is work organized in your organization? 

An organization seen as the interplay of leadership, culture and structures in Ken Wilbers four quadrants

The first step of change is accepting where you are

Unless you will make the unconscious conscious, it will dictate your life – Carl Jung

Creating self-awareness about the current way of working in an organization. Making conscious the everyday leadership styles, the accepted norms and values in the culture and the processes and structures that are holding the intentions of the collective together. Understanding holistically the interplay between those aspects and how a change in one affects the others. Determining the current holistic development stage of your organization through letting the people who experience it daily describe it.


Prepare your organization for holistic evolution and next stage architecture

Where does your organization naturally want to evolve to?

Let your organization evolve inside out

Discover the unique potential of your organization from within the organization and let the whole be described by the individual parts that are working in it every day, your employees.

Organizations are driven by people

Understanding the personal tensions of people, which are the emotional drivers for change. Tensions are energy that is already in movement and indicate a gap between the current way of organizing work and a potential other way of doing it, that people identify more with. Listen to these collective tensions at work in regard to how you organize work, identifies the positive intention and thus:

  • where the momentum for change lies,
  • which directions can be taken
  • what areas to prioritize and
  • who wants to drive it.


Reaching the full potential together

How can we solve to the identified challenges in an engaging and self-organizing way?

Identifying opportunities for evolutionary change

Given unique sensors of the organization the opportunity and platform to speak out about personal tensions and how they would approach it, helps people to be heard, seen and valued. Actively listening to the experiences and insights of people working daily at the frontier of your organization melts the iceberg of ignorance.  Through visualization of the recorded interviews individual decision-makers are provided with the ability to observe the whole and thus can make decisions that are more informed.

Creating trustworthiness

Create an organizational environment that is aligned with the collective beliefs and behaviors and is holistically congruent (leadership, culture, structure) will increase organizational trust and integrity and thus lead to higher engagement. Through making those aspects conscious, you can observe and communicate them authentically.


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What do participants say?

Here are reflections on the listening interview from Eva Malmström, Ulrica Fager and Roland Gudinge from Emprogage AB.

The listening to the pulse of an organization service from HumanBusiness is the first step on an organizational evolution journey. It lays the foundation and understanding for what are YOUR next steps on YOUR journey. HumanBusiness supports your further evolution journey with diverse opportunities depending on what your needs are. To learn more about possible scenarios and service offers along the organizational evolution journey, contact me.