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[amazon asin=1591846447&template=image&chan=humanbusiness]   Start with why ‘Start with why’ raises the question how can organizations repeatedly attract customers and employees? What is the reason behind companies that over and over disrupt industries by coming up with innovative products? Why do some teams outperform others despite the fact that they have […]

Start with why – how great leaders inspire everyone to ...

Could misbehavior be prevented through human-centric organizations? 1
The financial crisis of 2008 The worst financial crisis in global history according to Ben Bernanke, former head of the Federal Reserve, had a worldwide impact and led to dropped housing prices and increased unemployment rates. “The years before the crisis saw a flood of irresponsible mortgage lending in America” […]

How to treat misbehavior – a framework for employee alignment

Happiness - Lessons from a new science cover
[amazon asin=0143037013&template=image&chan=humanbusiness] What makes us happy? Scientifically proven insights on what determines our happiness are provided within ‘Happiness – Lessons from a new science’. The book is full of knowledge and sources for further reading. It contains sometimes unusual ideas of what we can do to live a more happy […]

Happiness – Lessons from a new science

keep calm and reflect 1
  Self-assessment is related to the first part of the theoretical framework of HumanBusiness, which is self-awareness. Being able to reflect on our actions, our thinking and our beliefs through self-assessment creates awareness.  Through self-assessment we are able to consciously understand what we do, how we think and eventually find […]

How to reflect?

I am ... self-aware
  Becoming self-aware is essential for self-realization. Therefore, self-awareness is the first step in the the framework of HumanBusiness. One part of becoming aware of ourselves involves getting to know the endless possibilities around us. That means becoming conscious for what happens in our environment. These possibilities can have the […]

How to become self-aware?