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“We all have the power to change, so what are we waiting for?”


The story

HOME is a documentary raising awareness for how Humanity is threatening the ecological balance of Earth. Most of the movie consists of impressive and fascinating aerial shots showing the diversity of life.

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The problem

“We [humans] have succeeded to disrupting a balance that is so essential to life. In 50 years, a single lifetime, the earth has been more dramatically changed than by all generations in humanity.”

The movie explains the development of our home planet Earth with the raise from protozoon, over mammals to humans. It shows the fast change from an agricultural living to an industrial supply. This change is happening too fast, giving the planet no chance to recover. It is stated that we have ten years to change the way we live to stop the depletion of natural resources and reduce the climate change. The creeping dramatic in this movie is built up with every new chapter until we arrive at the present. But instead of complaining about the past mistreatments the focus is on the future.

“It is too late to be pessimistic.”


The solutions

“Let’s be responsibly consumers. Think about what we buy.”

First of all, HOME appeals to every individual to lift our head up to recognize our environment and what is happening on a global scale. Or in other words to become aware and seeing the big picture so that we can act as educated consumers. Moreover, positive developments are highlighted, for example that four out of five children have access to education, emphasizing the importance of learning. Last but not least, solutions, which already exist, are called for. Contrasting some critics the movie has received for not presenting implacable actions, HOME is stating concrete solutions. For example the concept of fair trade, respecting both buyer and seller, is explained.

“For consumers and producers justice is an opportunity to be seized, when trade is fair, when both buyer and seller benefit, everybody can prosper and earn a decent living.”


Background information

The film was directed by French photographer and journalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand and produced by Luc Besson, who is also French and known for directing movies like ‘The fifth Element’, ‘The Transporter’ or ‘Taken’.

HOME was the first movie that was released in cinemas, on Television, on DVD and on the Internet in five continents on the same day. That day was June 5th 2009, which was World Environment Day.

The movie was made available to the audience for free, since the educational message was more important than the financial success. All revenues generated from the sale of DVD’s, after the production costs were covered, have been donated to the Good Planet Foundation. An organization created by Yann Arthus-Bertrand with the aim “to raise public awareness of ecology, making it a central issue, and to inspire a desire to take positive action”.

The film was supported with 10 Million Euros by Kering (former PPR), a French multinational holding company specializing in retail shops and luxury brands. Although it was part of their public relation strategy Luc Besson said that the signal the organization is sending out by supporting such a project to other companies is important. He further states that the problem shown is not only for ecologists to solve but considers each individual.


The complete film can be found on the Homeproject YouTube Channel or directly be watched in the following:

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