The Art of Non-Conformity

Set your own rules, live the life you want and change the world

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If everyone jumps off a bridge, would you?

The Art of Non-Conformity constantly challenges the status quo by showing that we do not have to follow society’s norms and beliefs. We have a choice on what we do. We do not need to live a life that others expect us to. The book demands independent thinking and taking responsibility for our own lives, especially if we want a happy life. Don’t sleepwalk, wake up!


Dangerous ideas for potential life changes

The book explains one of the biggest challenges which prevent us from pursuing our dreams. It is possible to do something for ourselves AND make the world a better place for everybody else. We do not have to see these two options as contradictions or as an act of selfishness if we put ourselves first. In fact, if we do what we are good at than we help others with our excellence and unique knowledge.


Work better, instead of just hard

One key aspect of living a life of non-conformity is to reclaim the way we work. Instead of putting our destiny in some other hands in the form of an employer which represents artificial job security it is argued that we use our competence in a self-employed way. Instead of just working hard (for others), we could create a work that positively energizes us and impacts others by creating value.


A remarkably average life?

If that sounds controversial to you than you will probably identify yourself with the list of 11 points to be remarkably average. If you however want to live a remarkably life and start working on your legacy right now than ‘the Art of Non-Conformity’ offers more of those ‘dangerous ideas’. No matter what age, social background or financial situation, you can still start living an unconventional life right now.


About gatekeepers and vampires

The Art of Non-Conformity not only presents inspiring ideas, but also hands-on strategies on how to deal with obstacles along the way to living a life of your own terms. For example it is shown how to fight gatekeepers. These are persons, who want to limit choices to other people and want to protect the distribution of power, since they have most of it. Another form of people we encounter of our journey to a remarkably life are vampire. These people want to suck on your success and try to keep you down. They mostly come in the form of critics, unwilling to change, since they believe we live in a world of scarcity, where one has to lose something so that another one could gain.

“Great spirits have always been violently oppressed by mediocre minds” – Albert Einstein


The author

Chris Guillebeau is living his own life of non-conformity and was self-employed almost his whole working life. In between he served as a volunteer for medical charity in West Africa, before returning to the United States. This non-paid activity has let him seen some of the poorest places in this world, but also got him some unforgettable experiences.

Chris is truly a world citizen. He had set the goal of travelling to every country in the world (192) and in 2013 he reached it. He has not stopped travelling though and continues to visit around 20 countries every year.

However, reaching his ambitious goal has not stopped him from setting new goals. He has dedicated his time to writing now and plans on publishing one book every year.

On his blog Chris shares unconventional strategies around the topics Life, Work and Travel with his small army of remarkable people.

Although the Art of Non-Conformity is written in a not deniable American perspective, it offers inspiration for living a life of your own terms. It is a good introduction if you are thinking about taking your life into your own hands, since it is easy and fun to read. You can get the book at Amazon:

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What are your thoughts on living a life of non-conformity?


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