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Here comes a long overdue update from HumanBusiness. The last months have been busy with exploration of different projects and directions as well as intro-perspective on the experiences made.  

There have been a lot of learnings on the way towards a more human way of working, which I will be writing about in several blog posts in the following weeks.  


Everything starts with an insight

When I initiated HumanBusiness I had an intuition about that organizational development cannot happen without personal development. Almost two years into exploring this hunch further, I come to the realization that every change starts within us. How we look at the world and perceive it determines the experiences we make and the results we create. In other words, we create our lives by the decisions we make every day.  

That is why the human part needs to be considered when looking at the way we do business, especially if we are considering changing it. This is also the reason why we all need to set an example of our own and express the thoughts and actions that we would like to see in our environment.  #startwithyou 

Working on the human aspect of myself I dived into the topic of emotional intelligence and empathy to be able to learn how to feel. In a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) where external circumstances can change at any moment we start looking inside for orientation and guidance. Some call it a practical way to make decision, others refer to this journey as a spiritual one with the aim to connect to our higher self or the universal essence or energy we all come from.  Either way, it opens up whole new perspectives for me, which I perceive as beneficial for me. In other words, I feel good about what I learned. How can something that I feel good about not be beneficial for me? However, this feeling is created by my perception or thoughts that I have, which emphasizes an optimistic outlook towards the future and building upon what is positive. 


Adjusting and creation while being on the journey

I always considered HumanBusiness as a reflection of my own journey of becoming an entrepreneur after realizing that the ‘corporate world’ with its bureaucracy, strict rules and inflexibility is not for me, or the future of work. At the same time, I am reflecting these insights about personal development on the way we organize work. From this the adapted mission of HumanBusiness is extracted: 

HumanBusiness is brining consciousness and compassion to the way we organize work, to create (work) environments that enable human flourishment.  

In the past I experienced that when I express that I make business human most people found this a relatable, noble and necessary purpose, but were wondering of how to achieve it. To be honest, I did not have all the answers to give a satisfying response, and I am still missing some pieces of the puzzle. However, I am realizing that things are slowly falling into place. So, what can you expect from me in the future? 

First, will document the journey towards human workplaces with concrete examples on an individual and organizational level. This includes sharing my experiences, stories about other people and organizations, that work in a more human way and put the well-being of people in the center of their business activities. Together with Reinvention this might even happen in video format.  

Second, exploring and presenting tools, methods and thoughts that could transform individuals and organizations to a more complex and integrated consciousness level. Here I found great inspiration in Laloux book ‘Reinventing organizations’ and the underlying theory of consciousness development stages based on Integral theory. (Hint: the book review is coming soon) 

Finally, I will co-create and support projects that enable transformation to a more humanized way of working. Currently I am involved in two projects that will be described in the following:



Reinvention departs from the same place as HumanBusiness, which is not surprising considering that I spent a lot of time with the members shaping its purpose and values. The project exists because of transforming the way we organize work and is defined by authentic collaboration to create value for its stakeholders. Reinvention documents personal and organizational transformations with the aim to produce a documentary movie that shows humanity’s journey towards abundance and happy workplaces. At the same time the video interventions are used to trigger transformation within individuals as well as organizations to create content for the movie.   



Emprogage is a consultancy that is formed around a thought model that was developed by Stellan Nordahl in his book ‘Medvetna val‘ (currently only available in Swedish, but the English version is in the making). The model explains that in every situation we have the opportunity to consciously choose what intention we bring to a situation. By intentionally choosing Empathy, Proactivity and Engagement we are creating the foundation for a more inclusive and compassionate approach towards others. Emprogage facilitates the design of a post-industrial society. It shifts the current paradigm of being best in the world toward working for what is best for the world.  


What is next?

So, what does this all leave us with? I set out with a bold goal, to make business human. I had no idea what to do, neither had I ever imagined starting an own business. All I had was a work experience that I could not tolerate and the intuitive feeling that there must be a different way to approach the organization of work. Reflecting now back on it, listening to my inner voice and having the courage to act on it led to all the positive experiences I made in the last two years, all the inspirational people I met and all the things I could try out.  

With this exploration I am now having a clearer focus and path in mind, which is a challenge for someone who has broad interests and benefits from realizing new patterns between previously unrelated topics or approaches. But with the right intention I believe everything is possible. This energy and belief will shape the next stage of HumanBusiness.  

In hope that you are having the intention to curiously follow your own intuition as well as the development of HumanBusiness and set yourself and your organization on a path towards becoming more human.  

Talk soon, 




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